Professional Services

“Wendy is the consummate professional. She provides top-quality work, is personable, and has great ideas to complete tasks on time. She is very detail-oriented and does everything in her power to get it right all the time. She is persistent and consistently delivers an excellent product. She has performed a great deal of work for AFPM, and I would recommend her without hesitation.”

- Gordon, Director, Technical Programs

American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers


"It is a pleasure to praise Wendy's work. Seldom have I experienced such accurate, prompt, high-quality service in today's business world. She is hospitable, focused during appointments, conscientious about emailing progress reports, and completes each project on time."

- Mary Jeremy Daigler, RSM, D. Min.

Sisters of Mercy


“Wendy is a highly talented, organized professional with the drive to meet the needs of her customers. She adapts well to changes in priorities, completing her tasks consistently. Wendy creates procedures which enable others to meet their responsibilities on time and with less effort. She would be an asset to any client's business.”

- Bob, FCC Principal Technologist

Shell Global Solutions

Editing & Organizing

"Wendy is a blessing in our lives. She makes order out of chaos in an efficient and kind manner. We are extremely pleased with her technique and the results, and we continue to use her services on a regular basis for new and recurring organizing projects. We are delighted to recommend her."

-Carole & Ron, Realtor & Retired Professional


“Wendy worked with me to sort through photos, paperwork, and memorabilia after my father passed away. Her plan for organizing the keepsakes was terrific, and she had great suggestions for displaying our family treasures. Wendy was great company for me during this difficult task, and I appreciated talking with her. We accomplished a lot together.”

-Carol, CPA


“Thanks for helping me reorganize my kitchen. It’s great! Your manner during this process was positive and so helpful.”

-Retired Preschool Teacher


“Wendy was great with the de-cluttering of our condo in preparation for its sale, which happened very quickly. She made it ‘show’ beautifully. She worked well with our daughter who was thrilled to walk into her organized closet and have space on her desk to work on arts and crafts.”

-Private School Administrator



"I work with Wendy because I feel confident that each job will be done promptly and efficiently. They continually exceed my expectations!"

- Sam, Owner

Professional Arts Pharmacy


“I recommend Wendy for anyone looking for fast, precise transcriptions. Wendy Hefter transcribed several interviews with Holocaust survivors. Although many of the words and references were in foreign languages and several of the interviewees spoke with heavy accents, Wendy was undeterred, producing neat and accurate transcriptions.”

- Anita, Museum Consultant


"My documentary film included over 30 hours of videotaped interview, which Wendy transcribed quickly, reasonably, and thoroughly. Her attentive professionalism played a huge part in my being able to produce a successful film."

- Steve, Film Producer


“Wendy transcribed interviews for my company for 20 years. Service is great, price is right, and the work is turned around quickly. In addition, the personal attention is superior. I strongly suggest you consider DWH for your next job.”

- Jay, President

Research Concepts

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